Color Picker Release

FINALLY! SculptrVR gets a color picker! (and also 3 other fairly major features) [Edit July 28, 2016: Hotfix for some multiplayer bugs and Graphics optimizations] 3D Color Picker View post on Customize any color on your palette by double clicking it! Pick any color out of the air above your palette. View post on […]

Box Brush, Fog, and Oculus Touch Update!

The latest update brings three major things to SculptrVR: The Rectangular Box Brush Tool [gfycat data_id=”ImperfectQuickAdamsstaghornedbeetle” data_autoplay=true] A tool to build straight walls has been the most requested feature lately. Well this box tool does that and more! The rectangular box lets you draw straight square lines, build thin walls, and fill/delete volumes. Distance Fog […]